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Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the industrial and port lifting sector, our Design Office has developed specific products. Discover Actilife.

Actilife is a tool that represents a new technological cornerstone for improving fatigue monitoring and maintenance management of lifting equipment.

This smart meter registers the real load spectrum of the machine and allows to predict and plan inspections and maintenance operations.

Actilife advantages :

  • Space out your mandatory inspections.

  • Improve your preventive maintenance: start your interventions according to the actual fatigue of your equipment.

  • Ensure accurate monitoring of load cycles and exceptional overloads: secure data logging.

  • Reduce the risk of accidents.

Designed to be a resilient, simple, and ergonomic tool, Actilife is presented in the form of an electrical box with a touch screen.

To improve data accessibility, a mobile application for smartphone and tablet is also available.

Actilife can be adapted to many types of machines: new or already in operation.