Actemium Nantes offers an integrated approach.

Our experts will work with you to ensure the reliability of your machine’s operation and advise on the best technical, ergonomic, and productive choices.

We integrate multi-technical solutions to improve your production according to an all-inclusive offer. In addition, Actemium partners with an inspection office to certify the conformity of your equipment after the work has been completed.

Risk analysis

Analysis of the existing machine technical file (plans, operating modes, instructions…) and of the current operation of the machine to identify the Non-Conformities.

Creation of a risk analysis with validation by a control office, to identify and classify risks according to the Machinery Directive and standards EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061.


Research and design of multi-technical solutions to meet safety requirements, production, ergonomics, and maintenance constraints.

Production & Commissioning

Mobilisation of our teams to carry out improvement modifications. Updating of the machine technical file (drawings, manual, …) and training staff in the new functionalities.

Test & certification

Testing of the different use cases, safety elements and final validation by an inspection body with delivery of a remarquable report.